The Hippie Trail

I so would have loved to been part of the 60s and 70s hippie movement, especially  to travel the hippie trail with fellow free spirits overland from Europe to Turkey and through Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, Nepal and India.

Jumping on buses and hitchhiking to find untouched places and meeting all kinds of people full of love, peace and happiness! Joining together to embrace and create a new culture full of music, originality and freedom. Discovering new places which has made it possible for us to travel to today!


The most likely place the hippie trail would have begun, was either London or Amsterdam. Embracing hippie life and starting the most amazing journey of all time. Istanbul would be your next point of call! A beautiful city full of history and culture and the most amazing architecture. Moving next to Teheran, the capital of Iran, you would travel through Turkey and northern Iran. You would next discover part of the old Silk Road in Herat, Afghanistan and journey to Kabul where you find the famous Chicken Street! As you leave Afghanistan you would find yourself travelling through the Khyber Pass, a mountain pass connecting Afghanistan and Pakistan to Peshawar and Lahore, taking in breath taking views. The hippie trail continued to India where you would most likely jump on a train to Old Delhi station and travel through India to Kashmir and Goa, full of colour and vibrancy! If you didn’t want the journey to end Kathmandu would be the perfect option!


The sad news is some of these places cannot be reached today. Someone is going to have to find a new untouched hippie trail for free spirits of today! Until then we will just have to take our hippie vibes with us wherever we go!


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