Life Cycle of a Flaura Rose Jacket

Do you know the life cycle of a Flaura Rose adults denim jacket? ?
? First we travel to handpick vintage jackets where they get quality checked! (We don’t want any missing buttons)
?Then they all get washed and ironed so they’re ready to wear!
? Next we work with different prints to rework the jackets and match them to the denim washes – prints are continually changed to ensure the jackets stay unique and we never oversell a design
? If there was a certain design you liked we can send you options so you can design your own!
? Prints are measured and sewn to ensure they are the perfect fit for the jacket
? You can even add a personalised name patch or word to be extra unique!
? If you find us at a market and event we can measure up jackets for you!
? All jackets are made with love and care for all our gorgeous customers!

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