Life as a Young Entrepreneur

So 2 years ago I took the plunge to start my own retail business. Despite the risks I was determined my business would be a success and although at times it has been hard it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. So here is my story and advice if you have always dreamed of going solo!

Where it all started?

I have always loved fashion, quirky trends and searching for unique clothing. During college I worked at Topshop and this is where my love for fashion started. I moved to London and studied Fashion Buying Management where I worked at River Island Head Office. This taught me a lot and I met some amazing people but I didn’t enjoy the stress of working 12 hour days for somebody else. I moved back to the North East and worked in Recruitment…. I know completely unrelated industries! I loved this job and the flexibility of been able to manage and schedule my own day. Also the opportunities it gave me to travel and experience other cultures. But I still always dreamt of starting my own brand! I wanted to incorporate fashion with the vibrant colours, textures and culture of the amazing places I travelled to. I left my job, bought a ticket to India and Flaura Rose is now nearly 2 years old.

What makes Flaura Rose a success?

1. Family and Friends – Flaura Rose wouldn’t exist without the help from my family and friends. I couldn’t do it without them and I’m so lucky to have all the support I do.
2. Always thinking of new ideas and how I can improve
3. Advice from others – I have met so many amazing traders during festivals who have helped and taught me so much
4. Indi Clothing Co – I met Tommy and Graham at one of my first ever events and my brand wouldn’t be the same without them – go check them out, their brand is fab!
5. You! – Thank you so much to all of my customers for your continued support and love!
6. Collaborating with independent brands which inspire you and constantly looking for new inspiration
7. Try everything – the more you try, the more you will know what works and what doesn’t
8. Always smile and be kind

When things get hard….

1. Perseverance – when you don’t think you will make it and people are telling you to give up keep going!
2. Forget about that bad event – Everyone has had a bad day, event or festival but remember the amazing ones!
3. Friends – it’s sometimes hard to be creative and think of new ideas by yourself so ask your friends
4. Temp work – it can be stressful and worrying when you first start up, thinking of how you will pay your bills but picking up some temp work can really take the stress off especially during down time.
5. Remember it’s your job – I love what I do but sometimes I have to remind myself this is actually my job, would I rather be loading the van up (a job I don’t enjoy) or sitting in an office!
6. Keep working hard – you might work super long hours but it’s worth it – the more you put in, the better you will be.


What are the best parts of Flaura Rose?

1. PEOPLE – Meeting such fab and interesting people
2. FESTIVALS – I love the positive and fun vibes
3. LOVE – Most of your life is spent at work so make sure you love it
5. DIVERSE – Not having to stick to a 9-5 routine
7. LAUGHTER – Getting to spend more time with family and friends
8. PARTY! – Festivals are definitely the best place to party
9. EXCITEMENT – The feeling you get after a successful event
10. LIFESTYLE – Each day is never the same

Lots of love
Flaura Rose x


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