Flaura Rose’s Fave Festival Outfit

One of the best parts of festival season is planning your outfit so I have put together my favourite pieces to create my fave festival look.

I love anything fluffy or sparkly! So I would totally go for this crochet crop top which is both fluffy AND sparkly. The crop tops fit most sizes as you can adjust to fit your body shape!

Pleated culottes I can’t get enough of so this would be my choice of trousers but if it’s super hot a pair of Levi shorts.

Now for the accessories….

A choker is one of my favourite accessories and I think adding a statement necklace just finishes off an outfit. I would match this look with Zen Choker, one of our best sellers.

The next accessory would be a bum bag… You can’t go to a festival without a bumbag as you need to be free to dance!

My favourite is the floral embroidered bum bag, I’m going for purple to match the crop top. It is super handy to fit all of your festival essentials in with the various zipped pockets.

At some festivals I find it useful to also carry a backpack to put bigger items in like my coat and drinks. Although it might be sunny through the day, it gets chilly on an evening and no one wants to have to trail back to the tent just for a coat! It’s a hard choice between the glitter bag and embroidered backpack.

Hopefully the sun will stay but just in case and to complete my outfit I would definitely take a Denim Jacket. The Elephant jackets are my ultimate fave and our best seller.

P.S. The blanket scarves are also super warm and saved me many times on freezing cold nights around the tent.

Don’t forget your wellies if it’s raining or chunky sandals would be my choice in the sun!

And of course you’ll need to add glitter and a flower crown for the complete festival look!

So that’s the festival outfit I would chose but what would you chose? Shop now to pick your fave items.

See you in the fields! xx

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